Frequently Asked Questions

These are the kinds of questions which we're often asked by potential residents and their families:

Will someone from the care home come to see me to explain about the home and how funding works?

Yes, the manager will be very happy to visit you and to support and advise you and your family.

What can I bring with me from my home?

You're very welcome to bring personal belongings to make your room more homely, perhaps a favourite chair, photo or other treasured possession.

Do I have to provide bedding towels and flannels for my mother?

No, the home will provide all bedding, towels and flannels, Residents usually bring their own toiletries as these tend to be a personal choice but we are of course happy to supply these as well if required.

Can I have a television and phone line in my room?

Yes, there is a television point /aerial in every room. Some rooms have a telephone line which your family can arrange to connect, if you wish.

Can I go out with my family for the day or overnight?

Yes of course you may come and go as you please. You should treat Springfield like your own home and not an institution! Obviously we need to be informed beforehand so we can arrange for you to take any medication with you.

Can my family and their children visit at any time?

Yes, whenever they like. We offer refreshments to all visitors including a meal if they wish.

Can they visit if I become ill?

Definitely! Close family are very welcome and indeed encouraged to visit in those situations. They may stay at any time of the day or night and will be catered for and welcomed. Of course we will keep your family closely informed of your welfare and progress.

What medical support do you have?

We have a very good relationship with the local medical network including doctors' surgeries and district nurses, who visit some residents daily. In fact, when conducting our annual quality assurance surveys, we often get comments like "PLEASE BOOK ME A ROOM" from GPs and other professionals who visit!

If my wife needs residential care but I am not yet ready for care, would it be ok to visit daily and remain involved with my wife's social life?

Yes, that is absolutely fine. For example, we have one resident whose husband lives in sheltered housing. He visits most days and we invite him to all our activities and outings. He also comes in for Christmas dinner and tea. They still enjoy their time together as a couple.

Will Dad be bored in a residential care home for the elderly?

We work very hard to provide a wide and varied range of activities and outings. Click here to see some examples of our events and activities. We are always open to new suggestions.

Mum has lived alone for many years and is not used to socialising a great deal.

We at Springfield understand that it can take time for new residents to settle in and to get know other residents. We are very patient and sympathetic in this situation and help residents acclimatise gently in their own time.